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Shriya Pati, ISB PGP Admit

“The guidance has been really insightful and has helped me understand what are the key areas I should focus on and provided me with great clarity about the ISB MBA process. I am really thankful to the CE team for all the support and timely mentorship.”

Anjali Giria, ISB PGP Admit

“My journey with CE has been great. My mentors have been so invested in my journey, the entire experience was very personalized and revolved around using my strengths correctly and areas to work on before the application/interview.”

Vikas Pilla, ISB PGP Admit

“I've known Sarthak Verma even before thinking to apply to ISB and when I decided to apply, I reached out to him on the last day of the deadline to review my essays that session was very fruitful and he reviewed my essays into the final cut.”

Yogesh Aggarwal, ISB PGP Admit

“My Career Edge mentor gave me a very detailed idea of the MBA interview, directions to prepare for it, and helped to solve all the doubts I had. Many questions we discussed were actually asked in my interview.”

Arushi Arora, ISB YLP Admit

"Through Career Edge, I was able to gain 100% clarity on the ISB interview process, what is asked, and how to answer it. It also pushed me to structure and connect my answers to my larger goals. Since I had barely 3 days to prepare for the interview, this guidance really changed the game for me."


"Career Edge delivered the best services an MBA Consulting firm can provide. Very very helpful and thanks a ton for your patience and dedication to my MBA applications. Definitely going to recommend CE to others."

Manasvi Jaiswal, ISB EEO Admit

"Thank you to the team for your patience and end-to-end guidance for my applications. The way you helped me with essay writing from scratch, helped me form a narrative, and then helped me with mock interviews was immensely helpful. You guys were as invested as me in my journey."

Nishtha Kapoor, ISB & Rotman Admit

"Thanks to Sugandha (my CE mentor) and the entire Career Edge team for your valuable insights and guidance on my Rotman and ISB application journey. It is because of your help that I was able to confidently tackle my interviews and get admits to both schools."

Vedika Khanna

"Career Edge is the one-stop solution for your MBA applications! The mentors are really helpful and go the extra mile to provide the best services! I must say that they helped me in writing my essays, brainstorming on the story to present, and helped me gain confidence."

Utkarsh Shukla, VIT Vellore

“With weekly sessions hosted by PMs from top companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Uber – the value that I have gained by the end of the Cohort is immense. I was fortunate to have my existing CV live-edited in a session by a Microsoft PM. The feeling was surreal, and I got to mold my resume into one that fits a PM role. I also gained confidence by participating in mock interviews that were held in a couple of weekly sessions. Finally, I got to work on a hands-on project with my team members, which taught us a lot of key concepts

Rishikesh Chalke, Product Analyst – Goodera

“After attending live sessions on PM case interviews, live case demonstrations, tools to be used, and many other topics covered across sessions, I got a fair understanding of what it takes to be a successful PM and what steps one can take to become a successful PM. Apart from that, the community is super interactive and helpful. Live resume edits help you understand how to make a resume for a PM role to increase your chances of shortlisting for PM roles.”

Suraj Chettri, Associate Product Manager –

The CE PM cohort is definitely one the best cohort-based courses present around. The sessions were informative and aligned with how actual PM interviews are set up. Really exciting & engaging sessions for 6 weeks & the project made me dive deeper into the world of Product Management! Every cohort these days will help you with resources but my biggest gain was I found a person (Sarthak) to whom I can reach out anytime. I pinged him at 2 AM in the morning when I had a doubt and he replied 🙂

Nilesh Deshmukh, Institute Of Product Leadership

“It was a wonderful and enriching journey of joining the CE Product Management cohort. In this 6-week-long program, I've gone through the fundamental aspects of Product Management. It covered what PM is, how to prepare for interviews, how to solve cases, and live case solving. And at the end, the live project that was given helped me with a practical and in-depth understanding of whatever I'd learned.  It gave me the direction to start my PM journey by learning from PMs from Microsoft, Uber, Amazon, and Google

Shubham Jain, Keshav Mahavidyalaya

“I enjoyed the Finance Cohort. It contained all the information which I was looking for regarding the field. My biggest takeaway was getting to know about the industry as well as tips and tricks on how to prepare yourself to enter the field. The Cohort gave me the heads up about various aspects of the field and helped me find my starting point.”

Rasika Adhikari, VIT Vellore

“I really enjoyed the Finance Cohort. It was a very enriching experience. All the sessions were very helpful right from CV Making for Finance to Finance Technicals Interview preparation. My biggest takeaway was getting to know about the tips and tricks given during the sessions for cracking finance interviews, those were very useful. The Cohort helped me in understanding the complex Finance topics and gave me a direction for the proration of interviews.”

Aishik Duttagupta, IDFC Asset Management

Wanted to thank you for arranging such an insightful and informative finance cohort with a 1:1 mentorship facility. It helped me seek clarity to a great extent. Truly, you never come across such a program on Finance often. I have already recommended Career Edge to several friends of mine who are wanting to seek career guidance ”

Rishav Das, Citi – Mergers & Acquisitions

“Absolutely loved the way the sessions were organized. Connecting with the mentor from Goldman Sachs helped me in revisiting my CV and also clear the interview rounds at Citi. Thank you for organising this Bootcamp”

Ivy Chaudhari

“The cohort brought together a pool of like-minded people. The best part of the Cohort was the information shared by people working in top Impact Consulting firms. From the monetary benefits to the exit strategies, from Impact Consulting to Impact Investing, I loved how the Cohort didn’t just focus on a general understanding of the Sector but provided a clear sneak peek into every aspect of the industry

Yash Gupta

“The Career Edge Social Impact Cohort was a very unique experience for me. I have attended this kind of learning program for the very first time. The speakers were well-experienced and cleared the queries in a seamless fashion. By joining this Cohort, I got 100% clarity on the Social Impact preparation process and how to structure my learnings. I realized the importance of the skills needed to succeed in this space through mentors from Dalberg, BCG, Samagra, and NITI Aayog.”

Vinu Pillai

“The CE Social Impact Cohort gave great insights on how to embark on a social impact career. It has provided a thorough understanding of various aspects like Project Financing, Impact Consulting, Public Policy, Sustainability, and Government projects. This cohort has given me the confidence to take up independent projects and assignments in the field of social impact. It gave a larger platform and greater networking opportunities. I look forward to making an impact”

Umang Surana

Really liked the sessions, very practical and centered around all niches of Social Impact which is exactly what I was looking for. The case project and resources provided also helped me in cultivating my understanding of this space.”


"The CE Consulting Fellowship was an incredible opportunity to develop my skills in management consulting, business case studies and strategic problem-solving.

The team was very supportive and collaborative, which allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the mentorship sessions and the live case project and network with MBB & Big 4 mentors for employee referrals. I'm grateful for the experience and excited to leverage my newfound skills in my future career, applying them to complex business challenges with confidence and creativity."

Manas Naik, ZS Associates

"The things I got to know today are those you can never ever get through YouTube videos or articles. I am definitely going to buy the mentorship sessions with all the other mentors you have one by one each weekend to get different perspectives & would share your initiative in my friend circle as well."

Mahika Chandra, SRCC

"The thing I liked most about the session is that it wasn't limited to one particular thing, I applied for a consulting mentorship session but I received guidance on various other domains which would match my profile and I could have a good career in. I gained the much-needed clarity for my future."

Pragya Modi, Gargi College

'The mentor had a very clear structure as to how to go about the session, answered all my questions really well, helped me on additional points that were not mentioned by me before. In addition to that my mentor answered all my questions very calmly and suggested some excellent points to be worked upon."

Uday Sampath, ISB PGP Admit

"Career Edge provided me with very helpful notes on what experiences to highlight in my essays. Sarthak who was my mentor and is also an alum of ISB helped me streamline and focus on the right things, while still maintaining my voice in my writing. The mock interviews also let me know what to expect in the real thing, and helped me prepare my answers and ease my nerves."

Diva Kandpal, ISB PGP Admit

"I connected with Sarthak (my mentor and ISB alumnus) on multiple occasions. He guided me on ISB’s admission process and we had detailed discussions of which questions to expect in the interview based on my profile, followed by mock interview sessions and feedback on my performance. The sessions really helped in polishing my answers, body language, and confidence for the real interview."

Rishabh Jain, ISB PGP Admit

"The mentors at Career Edge over time and connects helped me in several ways. Much before the interview shortlists, they helped me better picture what exactly is the PGP program at ISB and how might it align with my short-term and long-term goals. They emphasized certain skill sets that are required in any ISB or MBA cohort and then helped me chalk down the action plan on how I could try to achieve such skill sets. They helped me figure out the unique elements in my profile that I can potentially use in the future to make a difference/value add to the cohort."

Akanksha Bajpayee, ISB PGP Admit

"I took Career Edge's help to prepare for my ISB interview after wasting a lot of my money on another admissions consulting firm which didn't help me at all in my essays. Sarthak was very helpful in handholding all my queries, explaining his own ISB interview journey, the questions I can expect, and how to best answer them. Most of the questions that we did were also asked in my actual interview and I thank CE for their support in my admit"


"I think everyone who aspires to get into consulting finds guesstimates and case interview preparation a big obstacle which clearly was very well dealt with during the fellowship. Another big thing for me was the mentor allotted to me during the course who was from McKinsey & Company. He got in my shoes to understand where am I lagging and guided me the right way in my VC journey as well as in consulting. "


Shortly after attending the Career Edge Consulting Program, I was given the offer to join Bain & Company as a Senior Analyst.

My experience with Career Edge was great. The Fellowship started off with the basics and fundamentals and advanced as we moved forward. 

My biggest takeaway was the different case frameworks and case problems discussed in the sessions. Since it was being taken by consultants who work with McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Dalberg, it gave me insights into how consulting interviews actually happen.

And as the recordings of the classes can be accessed anytime, it helped me to revise all the frameworks discussed. The 1:1 mentorship sessions and all the resources shared were also quite helpful for me to practise for my Bain CV and interviews."


Shortly after my sessions with Career Edge, I was given the offer to join the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as a Research Associate.

I would like to thank CE Consulting Fellowship and Sarthak for being supportive and giving candid feedback as and when required. 

My experience has been super good as I was exposed to the logical ways of answering guesstimates and case interviews. The live sessions were amazing and made me understand how to crack them with comfort. 

My journey was awesome as the material they provided is gold as the actual case interviews helped me understand what interviewers are looking for in a candidate and that helped me to improvise my approach towards them. 

Heartfelt gratitude towards CE and Sarthak!”


Soon after my sessions with the Career Edge consulting mentors, I was given the offer to join Dalberg as a Consultant.

They aligned me with mentors who are actually working as employees in the firm which really helped me in clarifying all my doubts.

I also scheduled detailed CV Review and mock case interview sessions with them to get more practice and put my best foot forward. 

Thanks to team CE for helping me with timely and credible help.”


I joined BCG as a Management Consultant and took the help of Career Edge for case practice and CV making sessions.

My experience was very good and I could quickly schedule multiple sessions with my mentors who were working with BCG & Dalberg.

They helped me understand the nuances of what is asked in a BCG interview, what consulting firms look for in the interviews and mistakes to avoid. 

I got to practise guesstimates and cases with them and got very concise and implementable feedback on how to improve which helped me in my actual interviews.”


I will be joining Bain & Company as an Associate Consultant and the Career Edge Consulting program really helped me a lot.

Thanks for organising the CV making and roadmapping sessions with Mukund who was my CE mentor working with Bain & Company. It was really helpful and Mukund gave me no-nonsense feedback and helped me with a detailed CV review and case practice.”


Thanks to the Career Edge Consulting Fellowship, it was really helpful.

The live mentorships sessions really helped me in rebuilding my CV. The mock case practice sessions and the practical feedback given by the mentors for everything from guesstimates to cases to cover letter writing were amazing.”


"The fellowship was ripe with information and guidance. The mentors from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Dalberg were extremely helpful. It’s perfect for those who want to start their consulting careers but don’t know where to begin.  

As part of the live mentorship and placement support provided by the team, the most important learning for me was understanding the importance of structure, be it in your CV or the way you answer questions in an interview. Everything makes sense and seems easier when your approach is methodical.”


“Shortly after my sessions with Career Edge, I joined Samagra as an Associate.

My whole experience was very good. Shivam who was my CE mentor helped me in every step of the way. He was always available and cleared all my doubts. The cases that we discussed in our sessions were very enlightening and helpful. 

He reviewed my performance with extreme detail and preciseness and gave me excellent feedback which ultimately helped in improving my overall performance.”


I attended the Career Edge Consulting Fellowship during college and will be joining ZS Associates post graduation, bagging one of the highest packages on campus.

Thanks for organising the sessions with Shrey who was my CE mentor working with ZS Associates. It was really helpful and Shrey cleared all my doubts and helped me with a detailed CV review and case practice.”


“After my sessions with Career Edge, I have joined Samagra as an Associate Consultant.

I booked mock case practice sessions with Shivam who was my mentor from Samagra. He helped me in mock case sessions as I was completely new to them. 

My whole experience was augmented by the 1:1 touch from the CE team right before my Samagra interviews.”


It was an enriching journey. It was very well managed and all the mentors shared first-hand experiences and learnings.

The Case Interview and Guesstimate resources and skills taught during the live sessions were exhaustive and super useful.

The Fellowship had diverse members and even the mentors came from very diverse backgrounds.”


“I was part of the 1st CE Consulting Fellowship (back then it was called Consulting Cohort), in May 2021. It was honestly an amazing experience. I got guided on every aspect related to consulting - from CV drafting to case solving in the most practical and easiest manner & got 1:1 mentorship guidance from a consultant at McKinsey, which helped me in my EY interviews later.

I am super grateful for the CE team for all the support, guidance and mentorship."


"The fellowship gave complete exposure of consulting interviews and paid attention to all the small details one needs to take into account while preparing for the consulting interviews, which has really helped me in my own professional career track.

The CE team was very quick with any doubts and nudged you to think what do you truly want to achieve out of your career.

My most important take away was that I could realise what I truly liked. My connect with the CE mentor was very helpful. He matched my profile and guided me in the right direction."


Recently I was able to get into Technology Consulting at EY, thanks to Career Edge.

My experience with the CE Consulting Fellowship was a great learning opportunity I am surely looking forward to putting Career Edge as my star recommendation for my peers interested to achieve professional goals in management consulting.

My biggest takeaway is not only limited to finite learnings and the Consulting curriculum provided by the CE team, but it actually gave me the confidence to vouch for my capabilities in any interview process. One of my greatest experiences was interacting with industry experts from Big 3 & Big 4 and their feedback was very helpful.”


I took help and mentorship from Sarthak from Career Edge for my Rotman MBA applications and got an admit.

The way in which the 1:1 mentorship sessions was conducted was genuinely unique and helpful for me to write my essays with the CE team and also prepare for the interviews. 

Thank you CE”


“The mentor had a very clear structure as to how to go about the session, answered all my questions really well, helped me on additional points that were not mentioned by me before. 

In addition to that my mentor answered all my questions very calmly and suggested some excellent points to be worked upon."


“Career Edge is the one-stop solution for your job and mba applications! 

The mentors are really helpful and go the extra mile to provide the best services! I must say that they helped me in writing my essays, brainstorming on the story to present, and helped me gain confidence."


"The Consulting Fellowship was super insightful. It helped me get end-to-end visibility and exposure to how to make a shortlist-worthy resume, solve guesstimates and case studies with mentors from MBBs and understand the consulting domain over 2.5 months.

The CE team helped me answer individualised doubts as well through open-house sessions on Saturdays and gave me very specific feedback to get my CV revamped."


"Without the CE Consulting Fellowship, it would have been really difficult to get an offer from Bain.

The CE team took care of me by reviewing my CV, and we had awesome interactive sessions about case interviews, and guesstimates. I am from an engineering college and when I was interviewed, I felt like I had a serious advantage over other candidates just because I had been doing cases every week as told in the cohort. "


"Overall, it was a great learning experience. The fellowship gave an in depth analysis of all relevant aspects of consulting. The content was top notch.

Another thing that I wanted to highlight was the ease of support. Sarthak was always responsive and cleared a lot of doubts."

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