Consulting Fellowship

Get into Consulting through live mentorship and step-by-step guidance by consultants from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Dalberg, Accenture & placement support through access to employee referrals from our network of 70+ consulting mentors, and 20+ hiring partners.

2K+ Undergraduate / Masters / MBA Students and Working Professionals trained

80% of those referred and interviewing with firms pivot to a Consulting/Strategy role within 6 months of program completion

Revamp your CV through 1:1 feedback, and prepare from A-Z for consulting interviews through live training & practice

Offers from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Dalberg, Accenture, PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Samagra

Our Consulting Fellows have secured jobs at top-tier strategy & consulting firms

Live Mentorship & Placement Support For Consulting & Strategy Roles

Live Mentorship on Consulting & Strategy careers, making a shortlist-worthy CV (including 1:1 edits), hand-holding on how to solve Guesstimates & Case Interview

Rigorous & regular interview practice through real-time guesstimate solving and feedback, case solving through buddy teams and 1:1 mocks with the mentors

Placement Assistance through access to referrals by our mentor network of 70+ McKinsey, Bain, BCG, & Social Impact mentors, and our 22 hiring partners

Live case project (& certificate) with a real life client, context & business problem, lifetime access to course content and CE alumni community

Career Outcomes & Learner Experiences


Shortly after attending the Career Edge Consulting Program, I was given the offer to join Bain & Company as a Senior Analyst.

My experience with Career Edge was great. The Fellowship started off with the basics and fundamentals and advanced as we moved forward. 

My biggest takeaway was the different case frameworks and case problems discussed in the sessions. Since it was being taken by consultants who work with McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Dalberg, it gave me insights into how consulting interviews actually happen.

And as the recordings of the classes can be accessed anytime, it helped me to revise all the frameworks discussed. The 1:1 mentorship sessions and all the resources shared were also quite helpful for me to practise for my Bain CV and interviews."


Thanks to the Career Edge Consulting Fellowship, it was really helpful.

The live mentorships sessions really helped me in rebuilding my CV. The mock case practice sessions and the practical feedback given by the mentors for everything from guesstimates to cases to cover letter writing were amazing.”


Shortly after my sessions with Career Edge, I was given the offer to join the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as a Research Associate.

I would like to thank CE Consulting Fellowship and Sarthak for being supportive and giving candid feedback as and when required. 

My experience has been super good as I was exposed to the logical ways of answering guesstimates and case interviews. The live sessions were amazing and made me understand how to crack them with comfort. 

My journey was awesome as the material they provided is gold as the actual case interviews helped me understand what interviewers are looking for in a candidate and that helped me to improvise my approach towards them. 

Heartfelt gratitude towards CE and Sarthak!”


Soon after my sessions with the Career Edge consulting mentors, I was given the offer to join Dalberg as a Consultant.

They aligned me with mentors who are actually working as employees in the firm which really helped me in clarifying all my doubts.

I also scheduled detailed CV Review and mock case interview sessions with them to get more practice and put my best foot forward. 

Thanks to team CE for helping me with timely and credible help.”


I joined BCG as a Management Consultant and took the help of Career Edge for case practice and CV making sessions.

My experience was very good and I could quickly schedule multiple sessions with my mentors who were working with BCG & Dalberg.

They helped me understand the nuances of what is asked in a BCG interview, what consulting firms look for in the interviews and mistakes to avoid. 

I got to practise guesstimates and cases with them and got very concise and implementable feedback on how to improve which helped me in my actual interviews.”


I will be joining Bain & Company as an Associate Consultant and the Career Edge Consulting program really helped me a lot.

Thanks for organising the CV making and roadmapping sessions with Mukund who was my CE mentor working with Bain & Company. It was really helpful and Mukund gave me no-nonsense feedback and helped me with a detailed CV review and case practice.”


“Shortly after my sessions with Career Edge, I joined Samagra as an Associate.

My whole experience was very good. Shivam who was my CE mentor helped me in every step of the way. He was always available and cleared all my doubts. The cases that we discussed in our sessions were very enlightening and helpful. 

He reviewed my performance with extreme detail and preciseness and gave me excellent feedback which ultimately helped in improving my overall performance.”


“The mentor had a very clear structure as to how to go about the session, answered all my questions really well, helped me on additional points that were not mentioned by me before. 

In addition to that my mentor answered all my questions very calmly and suggested some excellent points to be worked upon."


“Career Edge is the one-stop solution for your job and mba applications! 

The mentors are really helpful and go the extra mile to provide the best services! I must say that they helped me in writing my essays, brainstorming on the story to present, and helped me gain confidence."


“After my sessions with Career Edge, I have joined Samagra as an Associate Consultant.

I booked mock case practice sessions with Shivam who was my mentor from Samagra. He helped me in mock case sessions as I was completely new to them. 

My whole experience was augmented by the 1:1 touch from the CE team right before my Samagra interviews.”


"The fellowship was ripe with information and guidance. The mentors from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Dalberg were extremely helpful. It’s perfect for those who want to start their consulting careers but don’t know where to begin.  

As part of the live mentorship and placement support provided by the team, the most important learning for me was understanding the importance of structure, be it in your CV or the way you answer questions in an interview. Everything makes sense and seems easier when your approach is methodical.”


I attended the Career Edge Consulting Fellowship during college and will be joining ZS Associates post graduation, bagging one of the highest packages on campus.

Thanks for organising the sessions with Shrey who was my CE mentor working with ZS Associates. It was really helpful and Shrey cleared all my doubts and helped me with a detailed CV review and case practice.”


“I was part of the 1st CE Consulting Fellowship (back then it was called Consulting Cohort), in May 2021. It was honestly an amazing experience. I got guided on every aspect related to consulting - from CV drafting to case solving in the most practical and easiest manner & got 1:1 mentorship guidance from a consultant at McKinsey, which helped me in my EY interviews later.

I am super grateful for the CE team for all the support, guidance and mentorship."


It was an enriching journey. It was very well managed and all the mentors shared first-hand experiences and learnings.

The Case Interview and Guesstimate resources and skills taught during the live sessions were exhaustive and super useful.

The Fellowship had diverse members and even the mentors came from very diverse backgrounds.”


"The fellowship gave complete exposure of consulting interviews and paid attention to all the small details one needs to take into account while preparing for the consulting interviews, which has really helped me in my own professional career track.

The CE team was very quick with any doubts and nudged you to think what do you truly want to achieve out of your career.

My most important take away was that I could realise what I truly liked. My connect with the CE mentor was very helpful. He matched my profile and guided me in the right direction."


Recently I was able to get into Technology Consulting at EY, thanks to Career Edge.

My experience with the CE Consulting Fellowship was a great learning opportunity I am surely looking forward to putting Career Edge as my star recommendation for my peers interested to achieve professional goals in management consulting.

My biggest takeaway is not only limited to finite learnings and the Consulting curriculum provided by the CE team, but it actually gave me the confidence to vouch for my capabilities in any interview process. One of my greatest experiences was interacting with industry experts from Big 3 & Big 4 and their feedback was very helpful.”


"The Consulting Fellowship sessions were bang on and really helped me in my own professional journey. 

What I liked the most was the 1:1 feedback and query resolution on CV making, guesstimates and case interviews, in addition to the live weekend training sessions by mentors who are current employees at the Big 3 and Big 4 Consulting firms. Really appreciate the effort put in by the team. 

I can reach out to them for help even now."


"I have joined J-PAL in their South East Asia office as a Research Associate, after attending the CE Consulting Fellowship.

I’m honestly amazed by how much work Sarthak puts into each person’s growth. I’ll definitely recommend this fellowship to people in my network.

There are great mentors to learn from, and the resources prepared by the team are quite helpful for the actual interviews.

The Fellowship helped me build a muscle to solve cases and guesstimates.

Live sessions were particularly the most helpful for me in getting a nuanced view of what works in impact consulting interviews."


"The CE Consulting Fellowship was an incredible opportunity to develop my skills in management consulting, business case studies and strategic problem-solving.

The team was very supportive and collaborative, which allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the mentorship sessions and the live case project and network with MBB & Big 4 mentors for employee referrals. I'm grateful for the experience and excited to leverage my newfound skills in my future career, applying them to complex business challenges with confidence and creativity."


"The insights gained from the live sessions have been transformative and I am thrilled to express my gratitude.

I genuinely resonated with the Consulting Fellowship CV making & Guesstimates preparation sessions, as they provided practical guidance and shed light on the critical elements of a consulting job application. I'm incredibly grateful to Sarthak for organizing these insightful sessions!"


"Shortly after attending the Career Edge Consulting Cohort, I joined KPMG in their Management Consulting team. 

The live mentorship sessions and the cohort definitely helped me for CV making as well as interview preparation and case rounds. 

I have had an amazing experience."


"Soon after attending the CE Consulting Fellowship, I got an offer from Accenture in their Government & Public Sector Consulting team. 

The online live lectures helped me in understanding how to clear case interviews without getting overwhelmed and the constant guidance throughout the process from MBB & Accenture mentors made a critical difference. Each session was engaging and informative, contributing significantly to my learning experience throughout the fellowship. Sarthak provided extensive support, promptly addressing my queries and offering valuable resources.

I want to express my gratitude."


"Soon after attending the CE Consulting Fellowship, I joined PwC as a Management Consultant.

The CV Making and Case Interview sessions were definitely helpful. The sharp insights on how to tackle abstract business problems, how to answer fit questions, and how to approach guesstimates was immensely beneficial.

Thank you to team CE"


"The fellowship provided an immersive dive into the world of consulting interviews, leaving no stone unturned in its meticulous approach to preparation. Beyond just equipping me with interview skills, it profoundly shaped my career path.

The support from the mentorship team was exceptional; they were always there to address my concerns promptly and encouraged me to reflect deeply on my career goals.

One of the most significant takeaways for me was the opportunity to uncover my true passions and strengths. The CE team played a crucial role in this journey, offering personalized guidance that resonated with my background and aspirations, ultimately helping me find clarity in navigating my career path."


"Shortly after my sessions with Career Edge, I got an offer to intern with EY as a Technology Consultant. 

The Fellowship was really helpful in understanding the minute aspects of consulting guesstimates and cases. It helped in understanding life in consulting with the help of insightful discussions from people working in big consulting firms.

Along with it, the CV preparation and resources provided were very helpful."


"Shortly after completing the CE Consulting Fellowship, I joined EY as an intern in their Strategy Consulting team. 

The CV making session was very insightful and the case interview basics session taken by the mentor from Bain really helped me brush up my basics as it's difficult for a college student to catchup otherwise.

The guesstimates solving on the WhatsApp group helped me build a muscle of problem solving, which has helped me in my interviews too."


"After completing the CE Consulting Fellowship, I joined Deloitte as a Management Consultant.

The fellowship aided me a lot in understanding how to solve case interviews and guesstimates as we had mentors from the Big 3 and Big 4 to solve guesstimates with us.

They also enacted the role of an interviewee to help us understand what mistakes to avoid and how to structure our thought process in a case conversation."


"My experience was excellent with the CE fellowship and Sarthak. 

The way in which we were given 1:1 feedback on our CVs, even beyond the fellowship, was impeccable. Also, the mentors were really kind and helpful and taught us how to think like a consultant and how to dissect abstract problem statements on the spot in a case or a guesstimate interview."


"The amount of clarity and the direction that I have received in terms of consulting frameworks is unparalleled. 

The live tutorials provided by CE helped me develop a structured thought process, something which required a lot of hand-holding.

The fellowship has helped me in multiple cases and has helped plug the gaps in my strategy toolkit. 

We were also given daily guesstimates to solve and Sarthak gave feedback to everyone on their approach and shared his solution, which helped immensely."


"Without the CE Consulting Fellowship, it would have been really difficult to get an offer from Bain.

The CE team took care of me by reviewing my CV, and we had awesome interactive sessions about case interviews, and guesstimates. I am from an engineering college and when I was interviewed, I felt like I had a serious advantage over other candidates just because I had been doing cases every week as told in the cohort. "


"Soon after completing the CE Consulting Fellowship, I landed a consulting role with PwC.

The fellowship provided comprehensive support, from crafting an impressive CV to rigorous interview preparation sessions whether it was guesstimates or case interviews, as well as 1:1 feedback.

Thanks to their assistance, I successfully navigated the interview process and secured a role at PwC. I want to express my sincere appreciation to Sarthak  the MBB mentors for their invaluable support in guiding me towards my career goals."


"It is only because of the Career Edge Consulting Fellowship that I was able to take this pivot into the world of impact consulting and join Teach For India.

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful experience. I'll definitely continue to rely on Career Edge for all my future endeavors. Do consider me a dedicated lifelong supporter!"


Pranit will be joining Infosys Management Consulting as a Senior Consultant soon after completing his executive MBA. 

"Thanks to Sarthak and team Career Edge for all your help. I didn't have any background or knowledge of Consulting and interviews prior to the fellowship."


Urvija will be joining Deloitte Consulting after completing her bachelors from Ashoka University. 

"Hi Sarthak. Just wanted to express my genuine gratitude for your Consulting Fellowship and all the accommodations that you made for me. I think it really allowed me to get the right head start mentally before sitting for placements in such a competitive environment and prepare from end to end for cases and guesstimates. Thank you so so much!"


Shiladitya joined Deloitte after completing the CE Consulting Fellowship. 

"Hi Sarthak. Your case interview basics, and guesstimate practice sessions helped to crack the interview process. I got this offer because I believe there were certain nuances that someone who isn't well prepared and hasn't talked to industry professionals from Big 3 and Big 4 wouldn't know about. That really stood out for me from the fellowship. Thank you so much!"


"I liked literally everything about the fellowship - the way it is structured, the way it is spaced about with enough time for practice and revisions, one-on-one feedback and group learning.

I particularly liked the personalised feedback aspect of the fellowship. This is, for me, the USP of the programme. One can measure his/her progress and can improve after receiving the constructive feedback given by Sarthak."


"I thoroughly enjoyed the entire cohort. Prior to this, I didn't solve any cases or guesstimates, and my resume wasn't what was expected. CE gave a great chance for me to learn all of these skills at one go and know what to expect. Sarthak has always been extremely helpful every time I've messaged for any doubt and I can't thank you enough for that!

What stood out for me was the individual feedback/response we got. Usually people give a very generalised feedback when attending to a large number of candidates and that doesn't help. Having personalised feedback really helped me in understanding where I could improve and work on."



"The effort that Sarthak and team has put in building the content, creating a network of mentors from various backgrounds, giving one-one feedbacks all are extremely helpful.

Thank you from the bottom of my for showing the light and giving us a direction. What stood out for me was Sarthak and his guidance. Everything else follows. Hands down."


"I learned step by step process to crack consulting interview. The fellowship as a whole was a great learning. I liked 2 things the most. 1. Extremely carefully designed curriculum. Liked the sequence and pace of introducing each checkpoint to ensure things are digested and we are not overwhelmed. 2. 24 by 7 support provided by CE team and specially by Sarthak."


"The fellowship program is very well structured. I loved the concept of learning and growing together through Live practice on group. The resource material and session content is awesome. It helped me understand a lot of things about consulting and how to get a job in the domain.

The personal moderation of Sarthak Of the official group and being part of all the unofficial groups stood out for me."


"What stood out for me was the consistent, personalised guesstimate and case solving exercise during the Fellowship.

That coupled with the quality of the McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Big4 mentors teaching us on the weekends solidified our conceptual understanding of each and every concept."


"I got an offer to join Accenture Strategy soon after completing the CE Consulting Fellowship. 

Joining this cohort was hands down the best decision ever! Nothing beats the vibe at Career Edge, and seriously, there's no mentor out there like Sarthak. Career Edge is an absolute game-changer, and having Sarthak as a mentor is like hitting the jackpot. Even with 6 years of work experience under my belt, the learnings went way beyond just snagging a strategy consulting gig. CE is the absolute best!"


"The fellowship was very helpful in learning about how to make a CV, solve case studies and guesstimates. Every session had a step by step explanation which helped in making understanding easier. Very informative and helpful.

What stood out for me was the daily guesstimates/case practice with Sarthak. I enjoyed them the most as they really helped in understanding consulting interviews and how to think like a Consultant."


"I got into a Social Impact role with the Chief Minister's Good Governance Associates Programme - Haryana. Thanks so much to Sarthak for the Social Impact Bootcamp and also the Consulting Fellowship. The sessions and the material you provided really helped me a lot for the interviews and CV shortlisting!"


"I secured an offer from Avant as a Business Analyst shortly after completing the CE Consulting Fellowship.

The Career Edge Consulting Fellowship not only honed my consulting and analytical skills but also played a pivotal role in refining my CV and preparing me for interviews. The comprehensive support and guidance proved invaluable in shaping my career trajectory. Highly recommend this program for anyone looking to get a head start in the field of consulting."


"The fellowship had been very meticulously designed and curated to meet all of our learner's needs. It build up right from the foundation to solving a guesstimate to have a structured approach to solving the different types of cases. The best part was how approachable the CE team has been throughout the fellowship.

One-on-one guidance and in-person doubt clearing during Founder hours was the best."


"As someone who is not great with numbers, the end-end guidance given during the CE Consulting Fellowship on strategy for guesstimates and cases, enabled me to sharpen my logic, and use that to tactically select numbers for solutioning in my interviews.

Career Edge is the place for learning this craft, and you needn't look further."

We Have Mentors & Instructors From

Fellowship Curriculum In Detail

Our mentors from BCG & Accenture Strategy help you understand the different niches in consulting, different consulting types like Social Impact, Technology, Analytics, Financial Consulting, how these firms operate, what does your day-to-day look like as a management consultant, career progression, and nature of projects. 

We also divide you into case teams of 4-6 consulting fellows and kick off the live case project with a real life client. You solve their most pressing business problem and present your recommendations to them by the end of the fellowship, for which you will be given a live project completion certificate as well for proof of work.

Our mentor from McKinsey & Company shares her own CV template with you, dives deep into how to write your bullet pointers from scratch, what framework to follow to make it a shortlist-worthy CV, talks about best practices to follow in terms of content and formatting + 2 Live CV Edits (CVs taken from the mentees).

After the live CV making session, Sarthak from our team will start picking 3-4 CVs randomly on a daily basis, by calling you out on the WhatsApp group (becomes an ongoing, daily exercise). He will give you 1:1, personalised feedback on what to improve to make your CV draft shortlist worthy. He will also give you feedback on how to write a standout cover letter.

Our mentors from BCG & ZS introduce you to guesstimate interviews, different approaches to solve a guesstimate, dos and don’ts to keep in mind, and what to do when you are stuck and clarifying questions to ask at the start of the interview. They also solve 7-8 guesstimate questions with you during the live sessions to help you understand how to solve guesstimates in the actual interview. 

After the live guesstimates session, Sarthak from our team solves guesstimates with you on the WhatsApp group – he will share a guesstimate problem everyday (ongoing, daily exercise for 2 weeks), and you share your solution on the group. He gives you feedback on your individual approach (assumptions, buckets used, maths) and shares his approach.

Our mentor from Bain & Company introduces you to case interviews, how to approach them, typical flow of a case interview conversation and what the recruiters evaluate in a case round. She practises a live case with you and also gives you complete visibility on different frameworks like profitability, market entry, growth, pricing, and mergers & acquisitions.

Our mentors from McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company enact the role of an interviewee while someone from the CE team becomes the interviewer. Intent is to showcase how a live case interview conversation flows, how to ask clarifying questions to the interviewer at the start of the case, how to structure the problem statement, close the case and give recommendations. The mentors solve the 7-8 cases with you, in front of you in an interviewer-interviewee format. 

After the mock case interview demonstration sessions with the mentors, we divide you into case teams of 4-5 consulting fellows and help you with all case-centric resources – frameworks and case books, to start practising cases through mock case interviews and feedback. Also, Sarthak from our team randomly picks a learner everyday and solves a case with them, giving them detailed feedback post the conversation (ongoing, daily exercise for 2 weeks).

Our mentor from Bain & Company helps you understand what life of a consultant looks like, pros and cons of the job, project timelines, and what to do once you get in to become a better consultant.

Once your CV + Cover Letter is finalised and after you are completely prepared for the interviews, you can take our help with placement support for strategy & consulting roles. There are 3 channels for this – 

1. Access To Referrals From Our Mentors – We give you access to employee referrals through our mentors who are working with – McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Accenture, Kearney, Deloitte, PwC Strategy&, EY Parthenon, ZS, Arthur D Little, The Bridgespan Group, Sattva, Samagra, Dalberg, Redseer Consulting, and KPMG. The mentors evaluate your fit and alignment with a relevant, open job opportunity (they can also schedule a 1:1 session with you to evaluate the fit. This is because their reputation is on the line and they don’t know you from before) and then send your finalised CV and Cover Letter drafts to the HR in their firm (this acts as an employee referral). The HR evaluates your application and reaches out to you for scheduling the interviews post the shortlist. Here is the list of our 100+ mentors who are available for 1:1 mentorship and referral request support –

2. Hiring Partners – We have collaborated with 20+ firms (corporates and startups) who keep on periodically reaching out to us for onboarding pre-vetted and pre-screened talent. We share the open job profiles from the respective hiring partner on the alumni group so that you can get exclusive access and apply for these roles

3. Alumni Community – The active CE alumni community consists of 1000+ alumni. These alumni keep on sharing relevant job opportunites from and beyond consulting and strategy roles on the community, for other CE alumni to directly apply for these opportunities

Our support stays with you beyond the fellowship too in terms of access to the alumni community, placement support through the 3 channels, resources, CV reviews, doubt resolution, and recordings of the live mentorship sessions.

Starts from 16th June 2024. The 2.5-months long fellowship is suitable for working professionals and master/business school students. The 6-months long fellowship is suitable for undergraduate college students. 

Live zoom sessions will happen on Sundays (6-9pm IST) with self-paced sessions, assignments (for guesstimates & case practice) in between. We will also have the Founder Hours that Sarthak from team CE will be conducting on Saturday evenings (6-8pm IST) for 1:1 mentorship & doubts, beyond the live learning sessions on Sundays.

You Learn & Get Mentored From Top Industry Professionals

Yatin Chopra

Yatin is working with Accenture Strategy as a Consultant. He completed his MBA from ISB and has previously worked with PwC as a Consultant

Yash Sanghavi

Yash is working with McKinsey & Company right now as a Junior Associate. He is a CA and a CFA and has also completed his MBA from the Indian School of Business (ISB). Yash has previously worked with J.P. Morgan as an Investment Banking Analyst

Farzan Shaikh

Farzan is working with KPMG as a Consultant in their Deal Advisory team. He has previously worked with GEP Worldwide. He completed his MBA from ISB and bachelors from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology

Devang Pandey

Devang is working with Accenture Strategy as a Consultant. He completed his MBA from ISB and has previously worked with Deloitte as an Associate Solution Advisor

Shikha Raina

Shikha is working as a director with The Everest Group. She has previously worked with McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company as a Consultant. She completed her education from ISB and DCE

Kedar Sahasrabudhe

Kedar is working as a consultant with Monitor Deloitte. He has previously worked with Samsung Electronics. Kedar completed his MBA from ISB and bachelors from VIT Vellore

Debashish Roy Choudhury

Debashish works as a Consultant with Dalberg. He completed his masters from HKUST Business School, and has also worked with Kearney before

Venkatesh Chaturvedi

Venkatesh is currently working as a Consultant with Samagra, in their CEO’s Office. He completed his MBA from the Indian School of Business (ISB) and has previously worked with Unacademy and Deloitte

Shivam Shukla

Shivam has worked as a senior associate with Samagra. He completed the Young India Fellowship (YIF) from Ashok University & bachelors from Kirori Mal College, DU. He has also worked with NITI Aayog as a field program officer previously.

Harsh Shah

Harsh is working as a Consultant with Bain & Company. He has worked with IIFL Wealth before and had completed CA as well as CFA.

Sugandha Mahajan

Sugandha currently works at McKinsey & Company as an associate. She completed her MBA from INSEAD and bachelors from LSR. Sugandha has worked with Nomura previously.

Mahima Dev

Mahima is currently working as a junior associate at McKinsey & Company. She completed her MBA from the Indian School Of Business (ISB). She has previously worked with Dunzo & EY.

Shrey Agarwal

Shrey is working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation currently in the Strategy, Planning & Management team. He has previously worked as an associate with Bain & Company and prior to that he was working with ZS

Mehak Jain

Mehak is working with McKinsey & Company as an Associate. She completed her MBA from ISB and has previously worked with Invest India

Arpit Gupta

Arpit works at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as a Senior Associate. He completed his MBA from ISB and has previously worked with J.P. Morgan in Investment Banking

Kanwar Singh Alagh

Kanwar currently works at Strategy& as a Senior Associate. He has worked with Deloitte before as a Consultant and also with KPMG. He completed his MBA from ISB and bachelors from SSCBS

Akhilesh Agarwala

Akhilesh is working as a Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He completed his MBA from ISB and bachelors from SRCC.

Darpan Jain

Darpan is working with Bain & Company as a Senior Associate Consultant. He graduated from IIM Ahmedabad and has completed his bachelors from SSCBS

Frequently Asked Questions

We track 2 metrics –

1. % of consulting fellows who seek referral support, interview with firms, and shift to a Consulting/Strategy role within 2 months of program completion – that’s 40%-50%

2. % of consulting fellows who seek referral support, interview with firms, and shift to a Consulting/Strategy role within 6 months of program completion – that’s 70%-80%

Caveat – The fellows who get through or land a shortlist put in 100% effort in attending the live sessions, getting their CVs reviewed till they are finalised, put in consistent and proactive work on guesstimates and case practice. So, it becomes a collective/joint effort between the learner and team CE.

Learner experiences & outcomes of our programs are mentioned here in detail –

Yes, the Fellowship is open for undergraduate college students, b-school/masters students, early and experienced professionals. The curriculum and content is designed to start from the basics and cover everything step by step. For undergraduate college students, we recommend the 6-months long program. For masters/b-school students and working professionals, we recommend the 2.5-months long program.

The live mentorship sessions are conducted on Zoom on Sundays (6-9pm IST) while Sarthak from our team takes Founder Hours on Saturdays (6pm IST onwards) to help you with personalised/1:1 queries in between the fellowship. We will have self paced sessions and assignments in between. Even if you miss any live learning checkpoint, we will help you with the zoom recording for future access. And you can ask any doubts on the WhatsApp Group/Founder Hours on Saturdays/Mail.

So, we will request you to spare 2 hours on a Saturday, 2.5 hours on a Sunday, and 30 minutes daily (basis your convenience) on weekdays for 1:1 CV feedback, guesstimates and case practice.

It isn’t, which is why you need to put in 100% effort in how you are crafting your CV, something that a lot of learners take for granted. Every bullet/sub-bullet/word in your 1-page pdf needs to be thoroughly polished and reviewed, which we will help you with, during the fellowship. Getting a shortlist is a function of the right raw material (your finalised CV in this case) and the right hiring channel being leveraged.

Short Answer – Even if you are an architect, or a lawyer, or a techie, or an army veteran, you can still land strategy/consulting shortlists. What matters more is not the domain of your educational/professional background, but the impact you created in your work. 

Long Answer –

Short Answer – No, but, if you have had an average academic performance, then you have to ensure that your work-experience/internships section as well as extracurriculars section in the CV are very well-crafted, which takes a lot of iterations and reviews, something that we will help you with. 

Long Answer –

Short Answer – No, you don’t need to know financial modelling, or programming languages, or be from a business background to get into Consulting. These firms are looking at the impact you have created in your CV, irrespective of your educational or professional background which can be in liberal arts, or architecture, or law, or sociology, or anything in between. Then, once you are in the interview, they test 3 skills in the interviews – how you dissect problems on the spot, quick maths, and verbal communication. And these 3 skills are like a muscle, they can be built over time with practice and feedback. 

Long Answer –