Business School Applications & GMAT Coaching Program

Crack the GMAT through coaching by GMAT 760+ teaching faculty & get end-to-end handholding on your MBA/MIM/MIF applications through ISB, HBS, Wharton, INSEAD & LBS alums.

7000+ GMAT Coaching & Admissions Consulting Hours

90% Successful Interview Invites

85% Final Admits

Live GMAT Coaching & Doubt Solving

Our Mentees Have Secured Admits From

Live GMAT Coaching & 1:1 MBA/MIM Admissions

2.5 months of live, Zoom-based coaching sessions on all sections of the exam from verified GMAT 760+ scorers with 10 years of full-time teaching experience

Live doubt solving on Zoom and WhatsApp and access to all study material including official guides, 5000 practice questions, concept notes and 5 mocks

1:1, Live mentorship from alumni of your target schools on essay writing from scratch & awards / achievements / hobbies / work experience / CV writing

Interview preparation from scratch, brainstorming of answers, and 1:1 mock interview conversations to cover each and every component in your application


"I partnered with Career Edge for my ISB YLP application and interviews and got an admit from ISB.

Since I had never given an MBA interview before, I needed guidance on where to begin with. Sarthak helped me a lot in identifying the unique points in my profile and showcasing them.

He also helped me with probable questions that could be asked in the interview. We had multiple mock interview sessions so that I could get comfortable and be prepared for the actual interview. In just a few days, I felt much more confident and could ace my actual interview.

The in-depth review of the profile and helping me find out the strong and unique points about myself really helped me in the interview conversation."

Akanksha Bajpayee, ISB PGP Admit

"I took Career Edge's help to prepare for my ISB interview after wasting a lot of my money on another admissions consulting firm which didn't help me at all in my essays. Sarthak was very helpful in handholding all my queries, explaining his own ISB interview journey, the questions I can expect, and how to best answer them. Most of the questions that we did were also asked in my actual interview and I thank CE for their support in my admit"

Rishabh Jain, ISB PGP Admit

"The mentors at Career Edge over time and connects helped me in several ways. Much before the interview shortlists, they helped me better picture what exactly is the PGP program at ISB and how might it align with my short-term and long-term goals. They emphasized certain skill sets that are required in any ISB or MBA cohort and then helped me chalk down the action plan on how I could try to achieve such skill sets. They helped me figure out the unique elements in my profile that I can potentially use in the future to make a difference/value add to the cohort."

Diva Kandpal, ISB PGP Admit

"I connected with Sarthak (my mentor and ISB alumnus) on multiple occasions. He guided me on ISB’s admission process and we had detailed discussions of which questions to expect in the interview based on my profile, followed by mock interview sessions and feedback on my performance. The sessions really helped in polishing my answers, body language, and confidence for the real interview."

Uday Sampath, ISB PGP Admit

"Career Edge provided me with very helpful notes on what experiences to highlight in my essays. Sarthak who was my mentor and is also an alum of ISB helped me streamline and focus on the right things, while still maintaining my voice in my writing. The mock interviews also let me know what to expect in the real thing, and helped me prepare my answers and ease my nerves."

Nishtha Kapoor, ISB & Rotman Admit

"Thanks to Sugandha (my CE mentor) and the entire Career Edge team for your valuable insights and guidance on my Rotman and ISB application journey. It is because of your help that I was able to confidently tackle my interviews and get admits to both schools."

Manasvi Jaiswal, ISB EEO Admit

"Thank you to the team for your patience and end-to-end guidance for my applications. The way you helped me with essay writing from scratch, helped me form a narrative, and then helped me with mock interviews was immensely helpful. You guys were as invested as me in my journey."

Arushi Arora, ISB YLP Admit

"Through Career Edge, I was able to gain 100% clarity on the ISB interview process, what is asked, and how to answer it. It also pushed me to structure and connect my answers to my larger goals. Since I had barely 3 days to prepare for the interview, this guidance really changed the game for me."

Yogesh Aggarwal, ISB PGP Admit

“My Career Edge mentor gave me a very detailed idea of the MBA interview, directions to prepare for it, and helped to solve all the doubts I had. Many questions we discussed were actually asked in my interview.”

Vikas Pilla, ISB PGP Admit

“I've known Sarthak Verma even before thinking to apply to ISB and when I decided to apply, I reached out to him on the last day of the deadline to review my essays that session was very fruitful and he reviewed my essays into the final cut.”

Anjali Giria, ISB PGP Admit

“My journey with CE has been great. My mentors have been so invested in my journey, the entire experience was very personalized and revolved around using my strengths correctly and areas to work on before the application/interview.”

Shriya Pati, ISB PGP Admit

“The guidance has been really insightful and has helped me understand what are the key areas I should focus on and provided me with great clarity about the ISB MBA process. I am really thankful to the CE team for all the support and timely mentorship.”


I took help and mentorship from Sarthak from Career Edge for my Rotman MBA applications and got an admit.

The way in which the 1:1 mentorship sessions was conducted was genuinely unique and helpful for me to write my essays with the CE team and also prepare for the interviews. 

Thank you CE”


"I worked with Sarthak & team Career Edge on the ISB application and interview preparation and got a PGP admit from the school.

Sarthak has a lot of clarity of the application process. His approach was very structured and he knew exactly how to highlight my strengths and create a strong application in terms of the essays I submitted. The mock interview sessions really helped me to improve my answers as well as my confidence.

It was a great experience working with CE. The support I got made the entire process very smooth."




"I took 1:1 mentorship with Sarthak from team Career Edge for my ISB applications and got an MBA admit from the school. 

In the initial sessions, he helped me write my essays and ascertain what I should focus on, to stand out. When I received an interview invite, he initially helped me understand what sort of questions can be asked. Then we finalised the content for the questions and scheduled mock interviews. He gave me pin-pointed feedback on what to improve, and that really worked for me in the actual interviews."


" I signed up with Career Edge to write my application for Masters' Union. Sarthak from team CE was my mentor. I got an admit from the school with a 25% scholarship. 

We scheduled 1:1 sessions almost everyday and brainstormed on what to portray in my application for me to stand out. Then we got to writing the essays, and reiterated them. We kept on reworking on the drafts till they were perfectly in line with what I wanted to convey to the school. 

For interviews, he helped me understand what all questions I would be asked and the best ways to tackle them."


"I worked with Sarthak & team Career Edge for my ISB application/interview preparation and got an MBA admit from the school. 

He was very proactive in doing the 1:1 sessions and always went the extra mile to contextualise the content in my application and interview answers. This really helped me in getting a lot more confident before the D-day."


"I took the help of the Career Edge team to prepare for my application with Masters' Union and got into MU with close to a 20% scholarship. 

Akshat and Aditya, both helped me throughout the process and were of great assistance.

A big shoutout to the team!"


"I took the help of team Career Edge & Sarthak for my ISB MBA interviews and got an admit in Class of 2024.

He was very proactive in scheduling the live sessions with me as I reached out at the last moment and gave me deep, and honest feedback in mock interviews. 

That helped me in the actual conversations and I bagged an admit."


"I partnered with Sarthak from Career Edge for my Masters' Union MBA applications. 

Initially, he helped me in refining my essay and making it coherent as it had to be 150 words long. Then we scheduled mock interviews and finalised answers for all possible questions post I got an interview invite. The mock interviews and his feedback helped me a lot on the interview day."


"I took help from Career Edge and Sarthak for writing my Masters' Union application and also giving my interview. Sarthak helped me in brainstorming what to present in the video essay, we did multiple iterations on the script and the content delivery and submitted the application. 

Then when I got an interview invite, we did 2-3 mock interviews where he gave me no-nonsense feedback on where to improve. The journey from the first mock to the actual interview was tangentially different and helped me bag an admit"


"Career Edge delivered the best services an MBA Consulting firm can provide. Very very helpful and thanks a ton for your patience and dedication to my MBA applications. Definitely going to recommend CE to others."


"I took mentorship from team CE for preparing for my interviews as part of the IIM-K EPGP application process.

I reached out to Sarthak for interview prep during my MBA admission process with only 2 weeks to spare. Our discussions on improving my answers and identifying response gaps were incredibly helpful. He followed up with a series of mock interviews to ensure my readiness for the actual interview. Always just a message away, he provided insightful guidance on structuring responses and handling potential curveballs. Overall, it was a fantastic experience."

We Have Alumni Mentors From These Schools To Handhold You

Live GMAT Coaching Program In Detail

Live, zoom-based coaching program which runs for 2.5 months (~80 days). Live classes will happen on Tuesdays (8-10pm IST), Thursdays (8-10pm IST), and Saturdays (5-7pm IST). We cap the batch strength to 10-15 students.

All sections of the GMAT – Verbal Ability (VA), Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Integrated Reasoning (IR), and Analytical Writing (AWA) are covered. Verbal and Quant sections are the determinants of your overall score so the primary intent is to finish them thoroughly first. IR & AWA are covered in the second half of the curriculum.

Our faculty have scored a 760+ on the GMAT multiple times and have been teaching students since the last 10 years. Our Verbal faculty has scored a 770 on the exam (V44) and our Quant faculty has scored a 760 on the exam (Q51).

Intent is to cover everything from scratch. We divide the course curriculum for both verbal and quant into subtopics. You are given a pre-read (in the form of a pdf or a video) before every live class which introduces you to the subtopic (for instance – Coordinate Geometry in Quant). 

In the first half of the live class, the faculty do a thorough deep-dive of all the properties, concepts, and theory for the subtopic. In the second half of the live class, they practise questions with you on that subtopic. Post the class, they give you more questions to practise on that subtopic along with solutions and their approach.

All study collateral in the form of GMAT Official Guides, 5000+ practice questions, concept notes, and 4-5 mocks are provided to you in a soft copy format. You don’t need to buy anything or hunt for any resources beyond the program.

We create a WhatsApp group amongst the learners and the faculty where you can take their help with any concepts that you are not able to understand and questions that you are not able to solve. You can ask doubts on the WhatsApp group, or in the next live session, or in the next doubt solving session.

If you miss a live class, we help you with the zoom recordings because we record live sessions on the go. You have access to the recordings of the live sessions up to 1 year from the date of enrolment. 

1:1 MBA/MIM Admissions Mentorship Program In Detail

1:1, unlimited zoom-based mentorship sessions and offline feedback on WhatsApp & Email by an alumnus of your target school to help you complete each and every component of your application from scratch.

 Everything from writing your business school essays with you and for you from scratch to completing work experience pointers, awards, achievements, hobbies, CV writing and LOR guidance is covered in this mentorship. 

We also help you with interview preparation for which we schedule mock interviews with your aligned mentor and they also help you in understanding what questions you can be asked in the interviews and how best to tackle them.

We align you with a mentor from your target school (let’s say it’s ISB). The ISB alumni mentor firstly schedules sessions with you to map your strengths and weaknesses. Then they start discussing essays with you and brainstorm what to write (which work stories/life episodes to mention). Then they write the essays for you and with you in the zoom sessions. 

Once the essay drafts are edited and finalised, they get them reviewed from a couple of other alumni of the same school. Then they help you in writing and completing other sections of the application like – LOR, Work Experience, Awards & Achievements, CV and Hobbies.

Once you get an interview call from the target school, the aligned alumni mentor firstly helps you in understanding what all questions you can be asked in the conversation basis your unique context and aspirations. Then they help you in finalising the content of each and every question. 

Then they schedule 2-3 mock interviews with you to give you feedback on the delivery of the content and ensure that you are ready to crack it.

You Learn From GMAT 760+ Faculty & Get Mentored From Alumni Of Top Schools

Abhishek Pandey

Abhishek is an MBA alumnus of the London Business School (LBS). He has previously worked with ZS Associates as a Consultant.

Mridula Gandhi

Mridula is an MIM candidate at INSEAD. She completed her bachelors in fashion technology at NIFT and has worked in the MD’s office at Gokaldas Exports, a leading apparel export company in India. She also bagged an admit from ISB.

Ruchika Khemka

Ruchika completed her MBA from the Indian School of Business (ISB) and is also a CA. She has worked as a marketing and customer experience manager with the Aditya Birla Group (ABG) and PwC.

Sarthak Verma

Sarthak graduated from the Indian School of Business (ISB) where he was the President of the Entrepreneurship Club. He has worked with Unacademy, Classplus and CarDekho in the CEO’s Office.

Nishanth Shamanna

Nishanth is an MBA alumnus at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has previously worked with Exxon Mobil &

Ratan Guha

Ratan is an MBA alumnus of the Wharton School. He has previously worked with BCG and Samagra in the Social Impact space and is an alumnus of IIT Bombay

Sugandha Mahajan

Sugandha completed her MBA from INSEAD and bachelors from Lady Shri Ram College (LSR). She is currently working with McKinsey & has previously worked with Nomura

Roshan Tathed

Roshan is an MBA alumnus of the Harvard Business School (HBS). He also had an admit with Kellogg. He has previously worked with Strategy& and is an IIT-B alum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is a completely live course. 

For GMAT coaching, we have a live, online zoom based course which runs for 2.5 months (~80 days). All study collateral including official guides, concept notes, mocks, practice questions will be shared from our end along with dedicated doubt solving through WhatsApp & calls. We cap the attendance to 10-15 students in a batch. For GMAT coaching, the sessions will be recorded as well so that you can get access to them later on.

For Applications Guidance (Profile evaluation + Essay writing + Interview preparation), we will have a 1:1 mentorship arrangement where you can have unlimited, zoom sessions with an alum from your target school to write your essays from scratch, complete your application, and prepare for interviews.

Everything from preparing for GMAT to writing your B-school essays to acing the interviews is included in the cohort! 

The duration of the live classes for GMAT coaching will be 2.5 months (66+ Hours) and the duration of 1:1 live sessions for applications guidance would be ~10-15 Hours/school.