Breaking down top 5 myths about MBA

MBA is a field chosen by many graduates and working professionals to grow their management and business skills. Irrespective of their background of study, people prefer to opt for MBA because of the job prospects and business opportunities linked to it. 

MBA is one of the most popular courses that helps students fulfill their dream by providing various specializations, case-based activities, several industrial visits, and so much more.

But, there are many myths about MBA in the student/parent’s minds because of the baseless rumors or thoughts they hear from their peers or seniors.

Yet, there are certain myths that are holding aspirants to acquire MBA qualifications and it is very important to bust those myths and help students face reality. 

In this blog, we will bust out the top five myths about MBA, so that you do not have any doubt in your mind while opting for it.

1: You should have a Business Background to pursue an MBA course

Not at all! You do not need any particular background to pursue an MBA. It is not needed. So, there’s not a single ounce of truth in it. And, thus you need to burst the bubble of this myth from your mind.  MBA is a program to learn Management and Business Skills not the program to enhance them. It is for everyone.

Today’s MBA programs are often available to people with any undergrad degree or work experience. MBA programs provide foundational training in basic business areas, and they also develop skills students need to achieve higher-level positions within their communities. This means students who want to make a career shift and start focusing on business rather than another field can use the MBA to get there. In addition, entrepreneurial-minded individuals with an undergrad that is not in business can pursue an MBA, and then put that business training together with their undergrad in their niche field to create a successful business.

Whether you have graduated in –, B-Tech, BCA, Biotechnology, BBA, BA, B.Ped, Fashion Designing, or any other such field. It just doesn’t really matter. You are eligible for pursuing your MBA at any time of your career and at any age of your lifetime. All you need is to clear the entrance exam required and you are all set to start your MBA journey.

2: MBA is too expensive

No! An Investment is always inexpensive. And with the options of student loan available nowadays, you don’t even need to burden your parents with the financial pressure. You can start paying for your EMI after 6 months to 1 year of your graduation once you grab your placement. With student loans, the interest rate is lower. You only feel it is expensive when it is your parent who is paying for it. The amount invested in MBA is half the amount spent in a marriage by an average parent in India. Thus, MBA is not at all expensive.

3: MBA is not essential to be successful in a corporate or a business

There are so many different kinds of people in India. So, there are different opinions about career essentials by different people. But, you cannot learn every nitty-gritty of management and business just by watching a few videos or by listening to some successful business owners. You can’t understand the business unless you put your foot on the ground zero. The Journey  of MBA helps you in developing the skills and knowledge that will help you when you actually have to work on a ground level, either as an employee or as a business person. There are so many students who miss out on the important aspect that specialization is crucial while you are hunting for jobs and it plays a major role.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

4: A Magic Door to Innovative Business Ideas

People have a very big misconception that once they join a B-school for MBA, a magic box is going to open which will put all the innovative ideas in their mind. This is not how it works! There! I just broke the door of your myth. At an MBA Business School, you learn the skills and knowledge required when working on the implementation of a particular idea or a business. The idea is something that you have in your mind in raw form, with an MBA you will be able to shape that idea into a visionary business model. So, let’s close your imaginary magic door now!

5: Life gets easy after MBA

Every field of study has its own efforts and skills to put into. No, business runs without challenges. However, enrolling yourself into a Business School for MBA helps you in facing these challenges and problems, head on. You learn many aspects of corporate culture like the working styles, diverse workforce handling, the communication and leadership skills, employee relations, role of different departments in a business or a firm, professionalism and so on. So, life does not  get easy, you are just trained excellent enough to not face any issue when the hard stuff comes to hit you in the face. That’s, MBA for you.

The quality of life will increase after MBA, but the responsibilities will too. You’re going to be able to have enough money for buying the gadgets, the wardrobe improvement, the weekend plans and the fancy dinners. It’s certainly a wonderful emotion to know that you are independent, but then as you deal with real challenges, you truly realize that you’re now into your adult life.

Final thoughts

An MBA is not any mountain that can’t be climbed. Do not believe everything you hear. Research a lot before drawing any conclusions out of what you hear! If you are still confused about doing an MBA due to the things that you have heard or myths that you had believed, then you have landed on the right blog.

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